The Nanking Atrocities
  1. From Marco Polo Bridge to Nanking --- Story
  2. Focal Points of the Nanking Atrocities Today --- Interview with historian Yang Daqing at George Washington University
  3. (Video) China Invaded --- Female refugees moving one camp to another in search of safety
The Fall of Nanking
  1. What Foreign Journalists Witnessed --- Story
  2. (Reference) The New York Times Articles --- The New York Times articles of December 18, 1937 and January 9, 1938
  3. (Video) The Battle of China --- Japanese troops attacking the walled city of Nanking
The Reign of Terror
  1. What Japanese Journalists Witnessed --- Story
  2. The Safety Zone and American Missionaries --- Story
  3. (Reference) What Westerners Witnessed --- A collection of diaries, letters and other documents written by members of the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone
  4. (Video) China Invaded --- Dr. Robert Wilson treating one of the countless victims of the atrocities
Confessions of Former Soldiers
  1. Killing Prisoners of War --- Story
  2. The Yamada Detachment --- Quotes from diaries and videotaped interviews of soldiers in the Yamada Detachment / Interview with Ono Kenji who provided the valuable material
  3. Rape and Pillage --- Story / Interview with historian Wang Weixing at Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences
  4. (Video) The Battle of China --- The Nanking Atrocities depicted by the U. S. wartime propaganda documentary
Psychological Warfare
  1. Chinese Propaganda --- Story / Interview with historian Kasahara Tokushi at Tsuru University / (Appendix) Propaganda Activities in Northern China - Utilization of Atrocity Stories
  2. Japanese Propaganda --- Story / (Appendix) The End of A Propaganda Organization - Jikyoku Iinkai in the United States
  3. (Video) Nanking --- Lives of Chinese refugees depicted by a Japanese wartime propaganda documentary
The Postwar Judgment
  1. International Military Tribunal for the Far East --- Story
  2. Nanking War Crimes Tribunal --- Story / Interview with historian Fujiwara Akira, professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University
  3. (Reference) The Judgment of the IMTFE --- Excerpts from the judgment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East regarding the Nanking Atrocities
  4. (Photo Gallery) The Tokyo Trial --- A collection of photographs taken at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
The Nanking Atrocities in the 1990s
  1. The Death Toll - Early Estimates --- Story
  2. The Death Toll - Current Estimates --- Story
  3. The Controversy in Japan --- Story / Interview with historian Yoshida Yutaka at Hitotsubashi University
  4. (Photo Gallery) Nanking City --- A collection of photographs taken by author in the spring of 2000
Works Cited
  1. Works Cited --- Selected bibliography of books, journals, newspapers, and films / List of interviewees / Other references
  2. (Gallery) Military Postcards --- A collection of wartime Japanese postcards kept in Koa Kannon

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